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See Our One-of-a-Kind Products!

About Us

See Our One-of-a-Kind Products!


The Circle K Story - Jacksonville, Florida

Jim Kittrell and his wife, Louise, started the original Circle K Furniture store on Jacksonville’s Westside years ago. In October of 2011, Jim decided to return to the retail furniture business. He opened his new store, by the same name, in an old horse and auction barn right next to the original store’s location.

Over 10,000 Feet of Quality Furniture

Home décor and accessories to choose from! Circle K carries everything you need to furnish your entire home, from entire bedroom sets down to decorative candles. We also feature unique and unusual pieces that you won’t find at any generic chain furniture stores, making your home’s décor stand out not just for its style, but for its originality as well.

Our Mission at
Circle K Furniture

Circle K Furniture has an absolute dedication to providing an eclectic 'Destination' experience for our customers. We strive to provide a pressure free and relaxing shopping experience while exploring through our exceptional selection of Country themed furniture and home décor items. It is our ever present goal to ensure that our customers leave with a smile; in no small part to our low prices, excellent customer service, and unique environment.

Our People

Jim, a local businessman, has lived and worked in Jacksonville’s Westside for many years. With his family, he started the Circle R rent horse barn, now the site of Circle K Furniture, and later opened Circle K Feeds.

It was while operating the Circle K Feed Store that Jim and his wife Louise began selling furniture. As sales grew, Jim built two new buildings, sold the feed store, and began selling home furnishings full time. Jim tried retirement for a short time, but decided to revive his old furniture business instead.

After working for the Federal government for over 30 years, Alice retired in 2007 and partnered with Jim Kittrell on his “new-old” business venture. After much planning and reconstruction of the old barn, Circle K opened in October of 2011.

With Jim’s mentoring and assistance of the Kittrell family, Alice learned to operate a retail store. Purchasing merchandise and interacting with customers are the favorite parts of her job. You’ll notice that Alice’s love of horses has a definite influence on her merchandise buying when you visit our store.

Michael worked for Jim at the original Circle K Country Furniture. His years of experience and great attitude are immediately apparent to our customers. Michael wears many hats here at Circle K. He does it all with a smile, and no job is ever too big or too small.

Tanya is both a long time Circle K customer as well as a native of the Jacksonville area. She loves working at the store and as she puts it, “y’all come and see us”.

Kim describes herself as a “FOREVER” customer, and a part of the Circle K family too. She truly loves working at the store and invites everyone to come in and take a look around. After all, there’s so much to see and fall in love with.

Take a Tour

Come browse through our 8,000 square foot showroom and feel free to seek out our helpful staff members if you have any questions.

"Wasn’t sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. No-pressure-to-buy-atmosphere. If you’re looking for attractive, solid pieces of furniture-this is the store for you. They have tons of options for any room in a house. Generally speaking the pieces are fairly unique and good quality...The women inside were spectacular. Welcoming, extremely helpful, patient and accommodating-without being pushy(at all.) The men loaded the furniture into our truck very quickly but with extreme care. We’ll be repeat customers for sure."

The Scheels

"We visited Circle K Furniture for the first time. I am into rustic, farmhouse, beach-type pieces. This place rocks!! Their store is huge and has all kinds of decor items, dressers, tables, chairs, couches, sideboards, you name it. The staff was friendly and extremely helpful. If they don't have the exact piece, they can order it for you. Barbara was amazing...They even have a Military & Veteran 10% discount. Their prices are far more reasonable than the online stores. I highly recommend this hidden gem on the West side of Jax. It is well worth a trip out to see them."

Yolanda Eldred

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